How to Heal Pain without Chemical Medicine?

How to Heal Pain

Everyone must have felt pain in his body. But not everyone can respond it well. Some of them are panic and even took medicines that they don’t know what the contents are. Even though, different pain also needs different way to cure. Therefore, you need to know how to heal pain without chemical medicine. In this modern day, we need to change our old habit to the healthier. If there’s something more natural, why do you still use the old way which is more dangerous?

Do Meditation for about an Hour

Relieve pain surely can be done through meditation. You must be familiar with this kind of method to heal pain. This is very useful for practicing mind focus. Commonly, people do method by sitting and very quiet. In addition, they will also regulate breathing slowly and regularly. You can apply this meditation to relieve the pain you get. Do it at least an hour daily at your home. It doesn’t require complicated stuff or expensive budget. You can do it anyway and anytime without spending money. Not only good to heal body pain, it will also can improve your mental health.

Bathing Using Warm Water

The second way how to heal pain without chemical medicine is bathing using warm water. This is a method that has been done since ancient times. Usually this is also referred as balneotherapy. This is very easy to do at home because it only requires mineral water or warm water. This will be useful for relaxing the muscles. If you don’t know, there are epsom salts and magnesium sulfate produced from the warm water. This will obviously improve your blood circulation.

Consume more Vitamin D

What’s next can be useful to heal pain is consume more vitamin D. You should know that having vitamin D deficiency will interfere with your muscles. As a result, you will experience even chronic muscle pain. Therefore, you should avoid this health issue. Especially for those who are in the age of 50 and above. Their need for vitamin D is certainly more than people below their age. Well, in preventing the risk, you can consume foods with rich vitamin D or in the form of supplement. Thera are already many choices available at drug stores out there. You just need to observe more or ask to other whom know it better.

Try to Smell Green Apple

There is still one more way how to heal pain without medicine which is smell green apple. This may sound ridiculous, but it’s effective to heal your pain. Based on a study, inhaling the smell of apples can balance the muscle contraction. This will give a sense of relief in your head. Therefore, if you experience it someday, you can try this simple method. Besides healing your pain, it also can reduce your anxiety.

Even though all of the tips above look simpler to do, but it will work differently to each person. Some of them may find it effective and some may find it useless. So, it’s back again to yourselves. However, reducing chemical medicine has a significant impact on your body.