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Foods to Help Detoxify the Lungs

Foods to Help Detoxify the Lungs

What you put in your mouth makes a big difference to the health of your lungs even though they go down a different pathway. To detoxify your lungs you need to change your diet so that you give your body every advantage it can to cleanse itself. Take note of these foods and consumables that will help your lungs.

Chili – Hot and spicy foods like chili can be very helpful in a lung detox because it helps to liquefy the mucus that is mixed with tar and toxins. This can then be flushed from your lungs much easier.

Water – Water is an essential part of any detox system. Drinking more water helps the body to flush more chemicals and toxins from your bloodstream. Keep drinking water with every meal and many times in-between to cleanse tour system and avoid other beverages… just water.

Onions – Onions are also a great way to keep your lungs clean. Onions have properties that keep your system very healthy and add to your natural detoxification processes. Nutrients such as Vitamin C, folic acid and B6 are found in abundance.

Also take note of these foods you should avoid to help detox your lungs.

Processed Foods – Overly processed foods are full of sugars and preservatives that are bad news for your body. Too much of these foods will cause hormonal imbalances that screw up your internal systems making you unhealthier, sicker and less able to deal with lung problems.

Milk & Dairy – Dairy foods cause a lot more mucus to be produced in the body. A smoker already has problems with mucus in the throat and lungs that mixes with tar and cigarette chemicals. More mucus makes it more difficult to breathe and harder to remove the bad substances.