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Detox With Water

Detox With Water

Great Results with a Drinking Water Detox

Our bodies have been created as unique mechanisms designed to naturally rid themselves of the toxins that the encounter and often ingest in every day life. But our modern environment is loaded with many hundreds more toxic substances than our ancestors encountered. The body’s system simply are on overload and need a little help to remain healthy and at highest performance levels.

Drinking pure bio-available water – water as nature intended it to be – and drinking more of that water than most of us are accustomed to greatly assists the body in detoxing. No pills needed for this. Just excellent drinking alkaline water.

The body’s five basic detoxification systems include respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary systems, your biggest organ, the skin, and the lymphatic system. Each and every one of them benefits from a drinking water detox.

All five of these systems work together to protect our bodies from toxic exposure. When functioning properly they will cleanse and expel the toxin from the body.

Pure clean bio-available water is necessary to assist the body in doing its job. Such water unfortunately is no longer found in nature, not even in the remotest places on earth because pollution travels to even those place. Read National Geographic’s excellent article on ‘The Pollution Within’ and you’ll begin to understand the dimensions involved.

But know that to supply the body with such water an excellent water filter or water filtration system is a must. Whenever you drink unfiltered water, often even bottled water, your body becomes the filter. Why would you want to drink water that only adds toxins into your system?

Just getting a great water filter, such as a Nikken filter, and drinking that water regularly as your beverage of choice initiates a detox process.

Should you like the average American, are chronically dehydrated, you must increase your water intake. And to do that, start by making water convenient. Keep a glass near you at all times and enjoy it.

Your weight dictates how much water your body needs. Here’s the formula: take your weight, let’s say 160 lbs, divide that number by 2 (equals 80), then divide the resulting number by 8. So an individual weighing 160 lbs must drink at least ten 8-ounce glasses per day.

To increase the detox effects, start your day by drinking between 4 to 6 glasses in the morning. Within 10-20 minutes your body will signal ‘bathroom.’

Enjoy the energy boost that comes with a water detox! And by the way, there are no side effects.