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Eat Vitamin C Rich Foods to Ward Off Colds and Flu

Eat Vitamin C Rich Foods to Ward Off Colds and Flu

If you’re worried about the coming flu season, now is the time to beef up your body’s prevention mechanism. And of course, when it comes to warding off colds and flu, thoughts turn to Vitamin C. Start now to get your family in the habit of eating health-giving foods, rich in Vitamin C. Just about everyone thinks first of oranges  – and oranges are good, as are all citrus fruits. But a couple of other food choices are even better.

For instance, just one cup of green pepper will give you 3 times the amount of vitamin C needed for an adult – and an adult actually needs more vitamin C than do children. Other smart choices are broccoli and strawberries – and all dark green leafy vegetables.

The trend toward processed foods and limited fresh fruits and vegetables poses a real threat to families across the U.S. – so make the switch to wholesome foods and help your family stay healthy.

Other foods rich in Vitamin C include:

Sweet red bell peppers














You might notice that many of these foods are ones that can and are eaten raw, and that’s good. Because vitamin C is water soluble, cooking can remove much of the vitamin content. So instead of cooking that spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower, chop it up and add it to your green salads!

Did you know…? Lack of Vitamin C can cause a condition known as scurvy – it used to be a real threat to sailors who were at sea for months and deprived of fresh foods. The condition, which causes muscle weakness and bleeding gums, could render an entire crew useless. To avoid scurvy, British sailors began stocking their holds with limes, and thus the British sailors became known as “Limeys.”

Of course, there are more ways to prevent colds and flu than consuming Vitamin C. Other foods can also be helpful in prevention. For instance, honey. A scientist in Spain has now proved that honey contains a natural ingredient that kills influenza germs and prevents or cures flu.

Don’t forget about hand washing! Do it yourself, and teach your kids to do it often. Take advantage of those wipes the grocery store offers to sterilize cart handles, and carry some anti-bacterial wipes in your car so you can clean your hands before you accidentally touch your nose or mouth.