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How to Give Up Caffeine – Can You Really Quit?

How to Give Up Caffeine – Can You Really Quit?

There are many things that we consume in our lives that are not healthy for us. One of the most unhealthily common things that people consume is caffeine. Caffeine is not healthy for our bodies, and we should give it up. In this article, we will be discussing some techniques and ways a person can do in order to give up caffeine. While there are rehabilitation programs for drugs and alcohol and prescriptions and patches for smoking -there is no program that will deal with caffeine addiction. It will be difficult but it is not impossible to learn how to give up caffeine.

Here are some suggestions to help stop your caffeine addiction.

First, note how much caffeine you drink every day. Get a notebook and write down all the times that you consume caffeine on a normal basis. Do this for about a week. Then, cut down your user intake by half the following week. Continue each week by do the same process. Stay within your guidelines and be very strict with yourself. Giving up caffeine is not easy.

One tip to help your caffeine addiction is a substitute every caffeinated drink with a glass of water. Water is the best thing you can consume to keep your body healthy. Therefore, by refusing caffeine and adding more water to your diet, you will create a healthier body that will help you in your health in the long run. Now when you have consistently cut down your caffeine intake on a consistent basis, you will soon get to the point when you will not need to take any caffeine at all. However, there is something a person need to keep in mind when they are trying to avoid caffeinated drinks. While coffee is the obvious choice of containing caffeine, another not so obvious beverage is carbonated sodas. Carbonated sodas are one of the many beverages that contain caffeine within them, and many people do not want to give up sodas. Therefore, if you love sodas but want to give up caffeine, then you need to choose sodas that do not contain any caffeine in them.

As you’re going through the caffeine detoxification process, be aware of some of the symptoms that will disrupt your life until you can live without caffeine. The most common problem with caffeine withdrawal is headaches. However, the most common way people alleviate this symptom by using a simple over-the-counter pain medication and rest in a dark room. If a person implements these few simple steps then they can attain a caffeine free life. Use these tips to learn how to give up caffeine and live a healthier life.