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Detoxification Diets – A Fresh Start

Detoxification Diets – A Fresh Start

Diets come and go but you may be surprised the though detoxification diets have been hot for the last few years they have been around for quite a while. About 15 years ago I was taking care of my mother who had breast cancer at the time. Thankfully she is cancer free today. At the time though health was definitely front and center in my life. I had quit a job that had me going 24-7 and I was overweight and tired. I stumbled upon the book “Fit for Life” which I found because I was looking for ways to increase my energy level.

The first part of the book focuses on a principle called Natural Hygiene which focuses on cleansing your body of the toxins that have been built up over time. In other words it was a detoxification system that focused on a natural detoxification diet. At first of course I was not a believer but I knew my body needed a change. I gave up coffee and ate fruits until noon to “flush out” my system. I tried to combine the right foods as well since that was another part of the “Fit for Life” system. Detoxification diets are supposed to cleanse your colon and your digestive system overall. Though the process was initially difficult I did benefit from the detox diet that I followed during that stretch of time.

Choosing the proper foods that help to detoxify your body do give you an increased level of energy because your system is no longer bogged down by trying to digest “bad foods”. As you can see the principles around detoxification diets have been around for many years. The new entries into the space are the substances that are now being recommended for detoxification that are not natural. Herbal remedies may be considered natural but these alternative therapies are usually not sanctioned by the FDA and therefore may be dangerous to many of the people that use them. The liver and colon can be affected by using certain substances or by eating or not eating certain foods in large amounts.

Detoxification diets are being touted as the remedy to all that ails us but the big sell is that it is usually a precursor to a weight loss program. This allows the person to cleanse their system so that it can take full advantage of the exercise and new diet that is a part of most weight loss plans. There is plenty of controversy around detox diet products because some have produced negative headlines due to side effects. You need to be sure to do your research about any product you are considering and consult with your doctor before you start on it.

Since my detox diet was a natural one I found that I did benefit from increased energy and it did jump start my weight loss. In my case it was a fresh start to changing the way that I eat which in turn improves my level of energy and keeps me in relatively good shape. You just need to remember that it isn’t a miracle cure to permanent weight loss, especially if you don’t combine it with proper levels of exercise.