3 Essential Dental Services for Your Health

When you hear about the importance of taking care of your health, it’s likely that a healthy diet, exercise and routine checkups at the doctor are the most common topics covered. However, it’s uncommon to hear about the importance of good dental hygiene and care listed as an important part of caring for your health. Even if not often mentioned in those conversations, that doesn’t diminish the importance of it. Below are three essential dental care services essential for your well being.

Orthodontic Care

You’ve likely heard of an orthodontist and associated that profession with braces. While treating teeth that are out of alignment or crowded are services they provide, they also provide treatment plans for overbites, underbites and issues with the jaw joint, commonly referred to as TMD. It’s important to address these issues in concert with an orthodontist Arvada to avoid health complications. For example, TMD left untreated can lead to difficulty chewing and, in more severe cases, a locked jaw that won’t open. Another example is teeth that are too crowded are more difficult to thoroughly clean, and can lead to oral health issues such as gum disease. Ensure you’re taking care of these oral health issues by working with an orthodontist before further issues develop.

Routine Dental Cleanings

Another part of good oral hygiene is routinely going in for a teeth cleaning. Once you establish care with a dental hygienist, the dental clinic has a history of your teeth and gum health and can monitor changes to address any concerns early. A dental hygienist will thoroughly brush and floss your teeth, scrape out tartar buildup that’s too difficult to clean using a toothbrush or floss and take X-rays once a year to monitor tooth and tooth root health. One cleaning every six months is ideal; however, no less than one cleaning per year is recommended. Your dental and overall health are linked, so be sure to take care of both.

Cavity Care

It can be uncomfortable to go to a dentist for anything beyond a routine cleaning, but it is necessary. If you have a cavity, you should get it filled as soon as possible. Cavities can lead to tooth decay, and tooth decay can lead to the decay of bones in your mouth. Getting your cavity filled as soon as you know about it can prevent further decay and oral pain, and save you from a missing tooth.

When you are doing things with your health in mind, such as going for a walk, be sure to factor in your oral hygiene.