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What is Transformational Yoga?

What is Transformational Yoga?

Transformational Yoga is a revolutionary type of Integral Yoga practiced with the simultaneous engagement of Asanas, Pranayams, Sound Vibrations and Concentration Focus to achieve intense detoxification benefits.

With varying intensity, duration and applied at different intervals, these 4 foundational methods are used altogether to help a person reach specific objectives ranging from weight loss to healing and even increasing concentration power.

Originally founded by Sri Swamiji Vidyananda, it has been used by many practitioners and Yoga Masters all over the world to achieve intense cleansing, healing and deepened self practice. A single practice can be short, but if creatively written, can bring about quick results.

On the physical dimension, Transformational Yoga can cleanse a person of food and environment toxins, achieve fat loss, increase metabolism and reverse aging. On deeper levels, it has been known to help many people heal from pain and ailments, as well as immense emotional balance.

Practiced correctly and conscientiously, Transformational Yoga can also bring about a Kundalini awakening. Various Yoga Teachers from different parts of the world experienced enhanced spiritual progress and heightened self practice with the help of Transformational Yoga. Many have also had their Kundalini energy awakened from practicing it.

A Basic Transformational Session involves integrating the 4 foundational practices in a specific sequence to achieve quick cleansing. Accumulated toxins (physical, emotional and mental) are released in just 1 single workout. As the major elimination systems gets unplugged, our metabolic rate gets a boost, digestive fire is restarted and the whole body is rejuvenated.

When one practices regular Basic Transformational under correct guidance, weight loss and anti-reversing benefits can be seen and felt in a matter of weeks. Massive detoxification takes place to and enable intense healing and rejuvenation.

Other types of Transformational Yoga include Power Transformational, Skin Transformational, Transformational for Pregnancy as well as Transformational for Spiritual Development etc. Each of these are different, and achieve different specific objectives. And even within each type itself, classes can be planned to suit various levels for students from different fitness backgrounds.

Transformational Yoga can be low intensity, or can be super high intensity. But an easy class does not mean that benefits are lesser. In fact, they are the same as a high intensity class or even more!

Because each flow is written intelligently to cleanse and activate specific energy bodies, every student’s practice is personal to himself/herself. Depending on the student’s seriousness and concentration, and the Teacher’s energy and guidance, benefits from 1 session alone can be obvious and long-lasting.

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