What are Small Batch CBD Products?

Small batch CBD products are made with hemp that was sourced in small amounts, at high-quality. Organizations that process small batch CBD are made up of people who care about their products every bit as much as they care about the people who use them.

Small batch CBD is the answer to industrial hemp fields being mowed down by massive tractors and processed in a joyless lab.

Small Batch CBD Products Embrace Nature

Not everything found in nature is inherently good for you, but in general, organic is a better choice for your body. Small batch CBD is the embodiment of this simple concept, allowing nature to become the first line of defense for the body, much like people did thousands of years ago.

CBD is not designed to be a cure-all but rather a much-needed boost for your mental and physical health. When people use cannabinoids like CBD, it’s not for the psychoactive effects (like one might do with THC), it’s to help the body cope with multiple stressors that we encounter throughout the day. Small batch CBD is made with the kind of care and attention that leads to a better product.

Why Do People Prefer Small Batch CBD?

If you’ve tried both CBD from large industrial fields vs. those from small farms, there’s no contest between the two. Small batch CBD is hand-picked from soil that’s been cultivated and tended by local growers. This is not processed hemp harvested without much fuss over the quality, but real plants designed to help real people.

Variation Between CBD Products

It can’t be stated enough to consumers that there is a lot of variation between CBD products. With CBD being as ‘new’ to the market and as popular as it is, it’s attracted people from all walks of life to try to capitalize on this veritable gold rush.

Many CBD products are made from concentrates that are extracted from the lab and then diluted into the oil. This is a relatively cost-effective way to mass produce products. By contrast, the right small-batch products will start with the best quality hemp to ensure you get the full range of benefits. Not every small batch is made the same way, but there’s something to be said for companies that insist on getting up-close and personal with the plants they work with on an everyday basis.

Connections Made with CBD

The perception of cannabis is quickly changing in our culture, but it’s important not to let corporations turn the benefits into nothing more than a profit-grab. Quality small batch CBD is simply a better choice if you’re looking for a product that works.