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Toxins and Chiropractic Detoxification – A Chiropractor’s Holistic Approach

Toxins and Chiropractic Detoxification – A Chiropractor’s Holistic Approach

Toxins are the source or toxicity in our body. Our body collects lots of toxins on a daily basis. We get these toxins from the air, the food we eat, the fluids we drink, and also from our body by which is naturally produced. Our liver is responsible for eliminating these toxins by filtering them from the blood and removing them from our body through excretion. However, once the liver becomes overwhelmed or becomes weakened from an injury or disease, these toxins will start accumulating in the body which would affect our health and wellness in the long run.

Toxins can make our bodies less efficient when these “body burdens” build up over time. You may find out that you are not as healthy anymore. Several body conditions can occur as a result of build up of toxins. It is thought to lead to illness and has been associated to hormonal imbalance, impaired immune function, nutritional deficiency, and metabolism inefficiency. When the body’s internal cleansing system becomes overwhelmed, it will become sluggish and less efficient which may cause more pathological conditions to occur such as fibromyalgia, weight gain, arthritis, headaches, and allergies.

Currently, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease is being associated with high exposure to aluminum. Also, many research studies show the disturbing relationships between autism and mercury. The United States Centers for Disease Control estimates that over 80% of all illnesses have environmental and lifestyle causes. It is estimated that one in every four Americans suffers from some level of heavy metal poisoning, including mercury, lead, cadmium, and aluminum.

There are many points in the body that are meridian points for supplying energy. Once the body gets infected by toxins, these meridian points weaken and the flow of energy is interrupted. Detoxification can have an important place in a chiropractic clinic. Chiropractic care uses various methods to achieve detoxification, including massage therapy, ion balancing detoxification, supplements and nutrition planning, and exercises.

Through chiropractic detoxification, it is possible to detoxify the body by making changes to its biochemical balance. A chiropractor works by manipulating the soft tissues of the body and the spinal cord to increase the flow of bile throughout the body. The bile is the primary channel by which toxins are gathered from different organs for removal from the body. When the flow of bile increases, it helps rejuvenate the cells in the body and restores their natural ability to effectively remove toxins.

Chiropractic detoxification can help clean your body internally and can help keep your skin look younger. You will also experience less colds and flu, less aches and pains, and your immune system becomes stronger. You may also experience side effects such as fasting, allergy-like symptoms, bad breath, headaches, diarrhea, constipation, and vomiting. However, these only indicate that your body removes the toxins from detoxification and these usually occur only at the beginning and won’t last long.

The objective of chiropractic care in this approach is to identify dysfunctions, and prevent the subsequent degeneration of the body by detoxification. If you listen and follow your chiropractor’s advices, then you can live a disease-free, healthy life.