Top 10 Reasons For Exercising In Groups

In general, according to various studies, it is known that exercising in groups has the advantage of being more motivating because they not only allow you to exercise but also hang out with your friends or colleagues while improving social skills. Here are some of the main reasons for exercising in groups:

1. Discipline: Group exercises teach the importance of discipline for other activities in life. It shows how your effort allows you to achieve specific objectives.

 2. Maintaining the Standards: Related to the previous point, following the guidelines of the different physical activities helps to improve planning and strategy skills, and helps to improve the level of organization. It also shows that if the imposed rules are not complied with, the rest of the team is suffering.

 3. Collaboration: That is perhaps the main lesson of doing group exercises by learning to work with a team where you discover the importance of trusting others, and that others trust you.

4. Leadership: Another aspect offered by the practice of group exercises is to discover or strengthen the quality of leadership and its importance for the functioning of a team, project, or organization. What a leader can do is to guide the rest and gain the trust of his companions.

 5. Solidarity: Playing a team sport or exercising in a team also reinforces the bonds of solidarity between the members, beyond just coexistence, reinforces the bond of companionship, friendship and shows respect for the rest of the team members.

6. Tolerance of frustration: It has been shown that group exercises give each person a certain tolerance to frustration derived from feelings of defeat. This helps in learning how to be tolerant in all life activities.

 7. Humility: In the same way, group exercises teach you how to be humble and this is another fundamental teaching for better psychosocial performance.

 8. Become a role model: It’s common for children or adolescents to imitate what they see. If no one in the family engages in physical activity, it will be very difficult to convince them to do it. It is motivational and allows you to set and achieve goals in life.

 9. Overcome fears: There are people with difficulties functioning in a personal or social sphere due to their fears. Feeling the support of others when exercising in groups will help you to overcome such fears. This has similar advantages to group therapy.

 10. Better performance: Group exercises also help self-improvement, not only in sports but in every objective. This can range from exercising with the intention of losing weight to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.  For that reason, you will be prone to perform better for yourself and to show the team that you are making progress.


Exercising in a group at a Denver fitness center is one of the best options to avoid boredom and keep your body moving. When you can’t make it out to the gym, you can seek group exercise classes online to make sure you stick to your routine.