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The Top Things Your Body Needs to Be Healthier – Part 3

The Top Things Your Body Needs to Be Healthier – Part 3

Here are six of the top things your body needs to be healthier. The order is unimportant. What is important is that you choose one thing that you are not currently doing and add it to your routine. Twenty-one days after that (that’s how long it takes to form a new habit), add the next easiest thing and so on. If you do, you will have drastically improved your quality of life and added years of enjoyment.

o Drink eight ounces of green tea one hour or more following meals. Green tea has been shown to provide a multitude of health benefits.

o Relax. De-stress with breathing exercises (breathe in for a count of five and out for a count of five, five times, five times a day), positive thoughts, meditation, daily prayer, etc. Never worry or make a fear-based decision (you will produce “stress-hormones” like cortisol, which disrupts your body’s ability to balance blood sugar levels). Drive at the speed limit using the cruise control (this will reduce stress, allow you to be more vigilant and have the added benefit of using less gas). Take a break from whatever you are doing every two hours. Get a massage regularly to keep muscles relaxed and the spine in alignment (keeping your body’s electrical communications flowing).

o Detoxify. Knotted muscles indicate excess toxins. Sweat to eliminate toxins by either getting a moderate amount of sun exposure or by exercising on a regular basis. The fewer toxins your body holds, the less deodorant it will need. So, use as little deodorant as necessary with the most natural ingredients available. Do not use antiperspirants that inhibit the body’s ability to sweat and beware of toxic ingredients like aluminum. Clean with green products. Regularly change home HEPA air filter. The fewer toxins your body has to deal with, the quicker it can heal itself. Just be aware that, during periods of rapid detoxification, you may feel worse rather than better (headaches, weakness, aches, rashes, etc.). Don’t confuse the detoxification process with being ill and don’t take medications (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) that will halt the detoxification process. These temporary (usually 3-10 day) irritations are good signs that you are getting healthier. It’s in with the good and out with the bad.

o Participate in social activities, at least, twice a week (love life, laugh and sing). Go bowling, golfing, dancing, or play softball. All of these have the added benefit of combining fun with exercise.

o A good undisturbed night’s sleep is a must. Unclothed is best and keep the room comfortable; not too warm or too cold.

o Donate blood quarterly. It could save a life – maybe yours. As blood gets old, it thickens and becomes less effective at delivering nutrients to the rest of your body. By donating blood, you force your body to produce new efficient blood cells, keeping blood viscosity normal, and blood pressure down.

I hope you found this article and Parts 1 and 2 of “The Top Things Your Body Needs to Be Healthier” informative and beneficial.