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The Justification For Natural Detoxification

The Justification For Natural Detoxification

In a 1778 sermon John Wesley said, “Don’t forget to wash your ears – cleanliness is next to godliness.” Though this statement was most likely aimed toward keeping oneself clean on the outside, there is something to be said for keeping oneself clean on the inside as well.

With the current American diet the ingestion of some form of toxin is almost unavoidable. Outside of fresh organic fruits and vegetables one will find it extremely difficult to find a food product in the local grocer that does not have monosodium glutamate, high fructose corn syrup or any other exotic toxin that can be pronounced only by those with “PhD.” at the end of their name. Thus the justification for natural detoxification.

Over time the toxins from the air we breathe, the food we eat and even the water we drink can build up in our bodies and eventually lead to many debilitating problems. Everything from a lack of energy, digestive difficulties, inability to think clearly, liver disease to cancer.

The ancients used fasting as a form of detoxification in order to reconnect with the divine. The process of drinking only water, in many cases, and eating no food for several days or even weeks is a concept that would be unthinkable for many in today’s society. Did the ancients have knowledge of something we do not? When we look at history and their reasoning for doing so we can only conclude, yes.

What we learn from scientific study of our bodies and how they process foods we know that extra caloric intake is converted to stored fat. These fat cells, over time, absorb the toxins we submit ourselves to on a daily basis. The more unused calories we take in, the more fat gets stored along with those toxins bringing a greater risk of disease. With detoxification, in this case through fasting with only water, the body resorts to using up the stored fat cells as an energy source due to the lack of food it is receiving. As a result, when the stored fat is burned up for that energy the accompanying toxins are expelled through the skin, colon, liver, lymph nodes, etc. causing a cleansing effect on the body.

Throughout all recorded history mankind has relied on fasting not only for its physical benefits but also for spiritual purification. It is said that the purpose for fasting was to elevate the spirit of man above the simplicity of matter and the needs of the body bringing one closer to God. It also assists in the realization of how fragile man is and his reliance on God for the things outside our control.

It goes to show that the ancients really did know better that many of us do today. We would do well to take heed and realize that our bodies are complex devices designed for self sufficiency not without the foods providing the essential nutrients and maintenance in the form of detoxification. Though the people of the days of old did not have a diet of cheeseburgers, chilidogs, plants with pesticides or seasoned garlic fries, they still found it necessary to detoxify if not for the spiritual aspects then for longevity. With this type of care our bodies may also realize better health and longer life.