Support Group For The New Mother

Becoming a parent today represents an important stage within the life cycle, an event that marks the development of an individual’s personality and which is part of a long process of personal and combined growth and maturation. Sometimes the change generates difficulties and confusion. It is normal to feel confused, inadequate, and alone; and one response to this discomfort is the group itself. Parents are advised to seek group therapy in their city to take advantage of the support and listening tools.

The Process

Becoming a parent is therefore a complex process in continuous evolution, full of strong emotions and represents an opportunity for growth and rebirth towards new relationships. The group therapy meetings offer an opportunity for discussion on the theme of being “parents today”, and when working together, it fosters communication and a connection between each other and the child, which cannot be explained.

The Impact

The group undoubtedly represents an important work tool for therapists, psychologists, educators, and teachers, and also promotes greater integration in a collectively goal-oriented setting. These short group meetings are formed to help a group of mothers eager to ask themselves questions and try to get answers together. This is an educational setting, but also one where each person supports the other with stories that uplift and motivate.

Mirroring Oneself

Mirroring oneself in the experiences of others, sharing one’s own story, focusing on oneself by mirroring oneself in others is an important tool for parental growth and comparison. There are mothers who have quit their jobs, some of their hometowns, and found themselves being mothers without being able to communicate their fears, weaknesses, and frailties to anyone. Groups are formed thanks to a word of mouth, a request for help, and a desire for care that is perhaps not readily available. The group therapists’ task is limited to introducing the theme of the meeting and connecting new thoughts arising from the encounter and mirroring activity with the other.

Get Involved

The group should always be a tool used to benefit couples and single mothers. It is all about getting accustomed to being a parent and going through the changes and challenges. In the group, there will be shy parents who prefer to listen to and those who don’t mind asking questions that some other mother may be thinking of asking. But, in the end, everyone benefits from the group therapy Lakewood offers. Participation can be just a silent hug. No one is left out.