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Key Reasons to Consider an Upgrade on your Electrical Service

The electrical panel is the main point of contact for all the wires inside your home. If you’re getting regular flickering lights or tripping breakers, it may be time for an upgrade. A service upgrade can increase the amount of electricity your home can safely handle and prepare for clean energy solutions like heat pumps and electric vehicles. It also helps ensure safety by mitigating risk from frayed wiring and other fire hazards.


Electrical service upgrades Philadelphia, PA can make your home safer and increase the value of your property. It can also help you stay up to code, essential for your insurance premiums. Modern homes use more power than electrical panels handle, so they must be upgraded for safety. This means replacing your current panel if it can no longer take the load or adding circuits to accommodate additional appliances and electrical devices. If your panel uses fuses, consider upgrading to a breaker system. Breakers are more convenient and compatible with your electricity needs, as they can be reset and maintained. Rather than relying on blown fuses, a circuit breaker can shut off the supply when the circuit is overloaded. This saves you money in the long run by avoiding the costs of repairing blown fuses or paying for their replacement. Older homes and buildings often feature unsafe wiring. If so, an electrical service upgrade will update these systems with modern copper wiring and replace old fuses with new breakers. This will significantly increase your home’s electrical safety and help ensure your house is safe for you, your family, and all your belongings. Suppose you’re looking to build a new addition or are adding any other appliances that use more power, likely. In that case, your current electrical service will not be able to handle the added load. A new panel will distribute power evenly throughout your home and help you avoid overloading circuits and breaking breakers.

Increased Value

Homeowners are always looking to increase their home’s value to sell them. While many factors can affect this, such as the local economy and demand for housing, there are also a few key reasons to consider electrical service upgrades. First, an updated electrical panel is an obvious selling point that can improve your home’s value. Its sleek design reflects contemporary trends and appeals to today’s consumers and future homeowners who will appreciate the benefits of an updated electrical system. Second, a new electrical panel is more energy efficient than the old one it replaces. This means that all electrical appliances and systems will use less energy than before, saving you money on your utility bills and making your home more environmentally friendly. Finally, a new electrical panel increases your home’s safety by replacing outdated circuits and fuses with modern breakers to prevent fires. This is especially important if you install large appliances in your home, such as central air conditioning or a hot tub.

Energy Efficiency

Key reasons to consider electrical service upgrades include increased energy efficiency and safety. These improvements will help you save on electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Electric utilities nationwide offer energy efficiency programs to help homeowners and businesses reduce their energy use. These programs can be free or very inexpensive. Additionally, financial incentives are available to help customers purchase more efficient appliances and other technologies. In addition, some states have enacted revenue decoupling to remove disincentives for utilities to pursue efficiency investments. Energy efficiency can also deliver reliability and resiliency benefits, such as reducing power needs during extreme weather events or power outages. This helps utilities meet demand with less generation, easing the need for on-site backup capacity at critical facilities.