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How to Detox Your Body from Toxic?

Avoiding toxins in daily life is not easy. Whether it’s from the inside of outside of the body. There are so many possibilities that the food or drinks we consume contain of toxic. In this case, you surely need to do know how to detox your body. Don’t let toxic multiplying in your body. If it is not immediately solved, it will get worse in the future. Here are some simple activities that give great effect for you body.

Drink Lemon Water Regularly

Maybe you’ve heard that lemons can make you slim. Yes, this is indeed true if you consume it in balance with daily food. Same as when you want to detox body, lemon water can facilitate digestion and get rid of all the toxic. If you want to get maximum results, you can consume it every day. After waking up and before going to sleep becomes the right time to choose. This will maintain your body’s balance properly.

Cut off the Consumption of Sugar

The next step how to detox your body from toxins is cut off the consumption of sugar. For those who can’t stay away from sweet, you should try to decrease it now. This is because consuming sugar will make the pancreas work harder. As a result, this will produce more insulin. If the amount is too much, this will affect your blood sugar levels. Therefore, you should be more aware about this case. Then for the solution, you can consume a source of sugar that contains of fiber like oats and brown rice.

Try Raw Diet

Try raw diet becomes the third step how to detox your body from toxins. As we know that vegetables contain of many important components to improve body function. If you consume it every day, this can be beneficial to get rid of toxins. The fiber itself will dispel toxic easily. You will avoid constipation which is very annoying. Therefore, you can try raw diet for a better result. It because helps liver and intestine in removing toxins in your body. You should consume raw vegetables and fruit. Lemon, garlic, and green beans are the examples you can try. If you are bored in consuming raw vegetables, you can make it into juice. Combine vegetables and fruit for a better taste.

Drink 8-10 Glasses of Water per Day

Drink enough water also can help to remove toxins from body. Remember if our body contains about 80% water. Therefore, we must make the body stay hydrated. This will be useful to make the body carry out its functions properly. While in removing toxins, you should drink more water per day. Drink 8-10 glasses becomes a good recommendation to apply. But this can be added because everyone’s fluid needs are indeed different. Especially if there are too many activities. Of course, you need to consume even more water.

Besides some tips above, you should be more discipline to yourself. You can try to decrease your bad habit like smoking and drink alcohol. This will burden your heart’s work and it is difficult to remove toxic.