How is a Comfortable, Well-Designed Home Better for Your Mental Health?

Your mental health and bodily health are linked. Ergo, you need to take care of one to be able to take care of another. This article focuses mental health, as your surroundings and environment has more of an impact on your mood, attitude, and stability than you imagine.

Mental stability and positive health can begin at home for you, so a comfortable, well-designed home would be a mood booster, an attitude elevator, and a sanctuary for when those negative thoughts plague you after a rough week.

Declutter of Your Home = Declutter of Your Mind

Your mental health is closely linked to your surroundings—so says years of psychiatry resource information. Hence, the reason you might feel lazy and frustrated if your office space or desk feels cluttered.

The best way to combat “clutter brain” is to declutter your home. Get rid of the things you don’t use, need, or want. Donate it all. Go for minimalism where you only keep what you use, what is comfortable, and what is special.

No, those tattered oven mitts you bought from a garage sale three years ago do not count as special. Be honest with yourself when it comes to what stays and what goes.

Colors Make a Bigger Difference on Your Moods Than You Think

There is such a thing as color psychology. It’s the link between how you feel and the colors around you. Your favorite color, for instance, makes you feel good, positive, happy, and calm. Whereas, a color you dislike might be associated with something negative that happened in your lifetime.

Find an accent wall or two in your home and paint them with your favorite colors. Perhaps a calming ocean blue in the bedroom. Or a sunset auburn in the living room. These colors will give your mind a mental kick of positivity whenever you see them; thus, improving your mood.

You Need to Think of Your Home as a Safe Space

Safe spaces are comfortable, well-designed, and organized. This is how you should model your home. Choose plush and comfortable over aesthetics. Choose shelves and clutter-free living over sentimental knickknacks. Your home is your sanctuary, a place with a direct link to your moods and mind. Ergo, you should keep it as positive and tidy as you would hope your feelings would be.