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Does Green Tea Have More Vitamin C Than Black Tea?

Does Green Tea Have More Vitamin C Than Black Tea?

Though there are various brands and varieties of green tea, there are a few ingredients common to all varieties. For example both green and black teas contain vitamin c but their percentage and efficacy may be different depending upon their formulation. Usually organic or green Camellia leaves are formulated for certain health condition like weight loss.

Polyphones are powerful anti oxidants that work wonders for human health. Anti oxidants are good for replenishing free radical loss. They fight cancer causing elements and are considered to be highly beneficial of overall vitality and youthfulness. Similarly Vitamin C is also known for strengthening your immune system.

Both the teas come from the same plant known as Camellia Sinesis. However their processing is what makes them either green or black. Depending upon the method and temperature of its processing, it retains the vitamin c content in it.

Green tea is dried by using very gentle heat whereas its black version is left to oxidize. During the oxidation process some changes take place in the tea. The phytochemicals change their form. The catechins are replaced by theaflavins and thearubigins.

Similarly researches have proved that a serving of green version has anti oxidative capacity of 436 mg of Vitamin C whereas the same quantity of black version contains only 239 mg of Vitamin C. It simply means that Green teas do contain more Vitamin C than black teas. Moreover it is also known to have many other health benefits like weight loss and cholesterol fighting abilities.

It is not just a matter of vitamin c and anti oxidants; what really makes the green form a favorite beverage of millions is its ability to double up as a weight loss diet. However, choosing the best organic tea for this purpose requires some research and hard work. Modern Health Care House Facilities in Waterville