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Colon Cleansing – The Herbal Alternative

Colon Cleansing – The Herbal Alternative

Colon cleansing, although extremely popular, is frequently overlooked by many because of a perception that it is quite unpleasant. If that is your view then perhaps you could look at some alternative, less invasive methods to have your colon cleansed. One such option is a method using a herbal treatment. Herbal colon cleansing is a popular choice and because of its simple procedure the side effects are reduced.

A majority of the herbs found in this treatment can be taken as a tea, which makes the experience far more enjoyable. There are many variations of herbal combinations that are suggested by different people. The most familiar ones are listed below, along with a reason for their use. By studying this information you should be able to make an informed decision as to which herb or mixture is right for you and the correct quantity to take.

Senna, which covers many plant categories and its derivatives, is frequently present in herbal cleansing treatments for the colon. By stimulating the bowel, Senna is used to help with constipation, causing additional movement of fluid. Often thought of in the same vein as Aloe it is judged as purgative, but is more freely used due the restricted constraints of Aloe.

Cascara, subdivided from Buckberry, and recognised by different names, has a use as a laxative with some potency. It has similarities to Aloe in its restricted use and when used too frequently, has a history of causing some pain in the abdominal region. It is often included in numerous products used in the cleansing of the colon, but when taking it you should be very careful when using.

Are you curious to find out about a herb that is more recognised and has less risk attached. Well, Ginger is the herb that tops most of the lists. Where many laxatives cause diahorrea, Ginger can assist in combating it. It’s also one of the few safe cures for nausea for pregnant women, and has general benefits towards preventing or reducing inflammation, diabetes, and various other symptoms and conditions. It also has the bonus of being safe for pregnant women in curing nausea and is beneficial in the prevention of inflamed joints, diabetes. Many other situations can be eased with Ginger. It is really simple to include in your day to day diet, especially if you are partial to oriental meals.

One of the ingredients that is distinctively seen in herbal mixtures used in cleaning of the colon is the Cayenne Pepper. When present in mixtures it is hard to ignore this spicy addition. It possesses numerous positive traits if you are able to endure it. It assists your body in cleansing itself at a faster rate than is normal as is causes you to perspire which helps to speed up the flow of blood.

There are a great number of additional herbs used in various products but in the majority of blends you will normally find these four herbs. Try to mix them into your dietary plans or take them medicinally. It is possible also to include them in an independent manner. The important thing is to ensure you treat your body with the method that best suits you. The body should be toxin free however you manage the treatment.