The Benefits Of Staying Fit For Your Heart

The Benefits Of Staying Fit For Your Heart

Our heart is the most important muscle in our body. It controls the circulation of our blood making sure that all the other organs in our body are supplied with the right amount of nutrients and oxygen. If our heart has a problem, it causes a chain effect to the rest of our body. Keeping our heart healthy is as important as breathing. Getting enough exercise not only helps your looks. It also helps your heart.

Exercise can also help with other aspects in our body to make our heart work easier. We lose weight when we exercise, and when we lose weight, our heart has less strain since it has to pump blood less. When we lose weight, the bad cholesterol in our body is reduced. Bad cholesterol can build up in our arteries causing heart attacks. With exercise, the good cholesterol in our body increases and these help with protecting your heart from diseases. Constant exercise lowers our blood pressure as well. Research has shown that working out regularly helps you with getting more sleep which can help your whole body renew, including your heart.

Cardiovascular exercises are the best workout for your heart. Cardio exercises strengthens the heart and conditions the heart to do the same functions in fewer beats therefore lessening the strain on your heart. This helps with improving blood circulation too. Like most exercises, you should warm up and cool down as this aids your heart. Warming up slowly conditions your heart for the rest of the exercise reducing the stress on it while cooling down allows your heart to slowly return to its normal pace. The most common cardio exercises vary from walking, running and bike riding. Swimming is also an option as well as aerobic exercises. Certain sports can help as well like boxing and team sports like basketball and football. Some simple cardio exercises you can do are going up and down the stairs, walking from the farthest part of the parking lot to your office or to the mall.

If you have had a heart attack previously, it is important for you to start exercising to avoid it from happening again. Depending on the condition of your heart after the attack though, it would be best to consult with your doctor. Most patients are allowed to workout with a lot less stress like walking. The difficulty of the exercise can gradually increase as the heart returns to its normal condition.

Having a healthy heart is important. So many other things are affected by the condition of your heart. Unfortunately, most of the time, we only find out when it’s too late. don’t let that be you. Take action now towards making your heart healthy, and start reaping the rewards now and for the long term. And remember that it’s easier than you think. Start small, increase gradually, but most importantly, stay consistent.