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Herbal Medicine for Stomach Ulcer

It is true that stomach problems really disturb our activities. If you get the same problem, you must be know what you feel when this problem comes to you. Ulcer is one of the examples of stomach problem which is often experienced by many people. If you prefer consume herbal medicine than the chemical, this is the right place for you. There is a recommendation about herbal medicine which are very good to solve your stomach ulcer problem.

Pure Honey

Honey is the first herbal medicine that you can consume. There are many variations of honey that you can find at the supermarket. But to cure your stomach ulcer, you need the pure honey to consume. Why should you consume pure honey? It is because honey contains of alkaline content that can neutralize your stomach acid. For those who do not have ulcer problem, it is very good for you to consume honey because it contains of anti bacterial that can help you to avoid stomach problems like ulcer.

Garlic Extract

Garlic is the second herbal medicine that is good to cure your ulcer. It does not surprise anymore if garlic has lots of goodness for our body including  to solve ulcer problem. But because of the strong smell and taste, it makes people do not like to consume raw garlic. Do not worry anymore because there is garlic extract that you can find at the drag store or online store. The sulfur substance of garlic can protect your stomach from the disease. Besides, it also relieves your stress which is very good for you because stress is one of the causes of ulcer. By consuming garlic extract, it means that your acid and stress level are stable.

Guava Leaves

The third herbal medicine that you can try is guava leaves. Maybe some of you are not familiar with the efficacy of guava leaves. From some researches, it proves that guava leaves can cure the stomach ulcer. It is because it contains of substances such as psidocat and oleanolic acid which are effective to cure your ulcer.


The last herbal medicine to cure your ulcer pain is ginger. It has gastrointestinal function that is very good for your digestive tract. Same as the guava leaves efficacy before, ginger also has substance that can decrease your stress. By consuming ginger gradually, it can maintain your stress level. As the effect, your stomach acid will not rise anymore.

According to the all herbal medicines above, you can learn the substances and the goodness of them. Then conclude one of the herbal medicine that is perfect for you to consume it regularly. Maintaining Finger Joint Health in Miami: Best Practices