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Body Detoxification Programs

Body Detoxification Programs

Detoxification is supposed to be one of the best ways for a person to lose weight and live a healthy life. It is a proven fact that we ingest and intake a vast number of toxins in our body on an everyday basis. Normally intake of these toxins is due to the food that we eat or the liquids that we drink on an everyday basis. Various experts are of the opinion that because of the harmful toxins in our body, we are exposed to a lot many diseases and illnesses. Basically, the illnesses may range from heart diseases to even cancer. Though these are the diseases may occur in the very later stages, once the body becomes home to harmful toxins, there are several everyday aspects that the person like weakness, low activity levels, etc.

There are several detox programs that are available today. While deciding on a body detoxification program, the person should be sure that they have taken all the necessary precautions and carried out the necessary research, so that they are completely sure that they the detox will not have any detrimental effect on their health and body. Some of the popular detoxification methods may ask for some kind of changes in your eating and drinking habits, or might ask for some changes in your lifestyle. In fact, detoxification of the consumption of food works a lot towards taking out the harmful toxins from your body. Also, you would help the detoxification of your body vastly by giving up harmful activities like smoking and drinking alcohol. The detox programs can be carried out through 5 days, 10 days or even fourteen days. The 5 day detox plan is one of the quickest, as it takes only five days to complete the entire program. The 14 day detox plan is the longest time, while people who wish to take the middle way out can take a 10 day detox program.

The various toxins that our body is exposed to come from the number of artificial food or the artificial ingredients that go into our everyday food. To begin the detoxification process, make sure that you do not eat food that comes in a canned format, or eat food that has any pesticides used on the vegetables. Also, we have to be careful about the water that we drink. Research has shown that the major amount of toxins that go into our body is through the liquids and water that we drink. Therefore, one should only drink purified water. The 5 day detox plan considers the nutrient requirements of the patient for the five days, and has the right number of foods and liquid intakes chalked out for the person. The 14 day detox plan considers the person’s diet and nutrient requirement for all the fourteen days. The 10 day detox plan considers the health and nutrient requirement of the person for the period of ten days.

Detoxification is not just only about changing your diet or your lifestyle. There are several exercises and activities that are complementary to detoxification like acupressure, and sauna. Even if you do not believe in the aspect of acupressure, you can just visit an acupuncturist or an acupressurist as you would go to a masseuse for an exotic or a different massage. You will feel the difference as soon as you feel the needle pierced into your body, or the various points in your body pressed. Saunas are a good idea for proper detox because it a proven fact that sweat burns the extra calories in the body. The temperature in some saunas is more than eighty degrees, which is more than enough for a person to sweat profusely. Therefore, saunas are quite helpful in the entire process of detoxification.