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History of Herbal Medicine

A Brief History of Herbal Medicine to Know

Long time ago, there were already ancestors who used herbal medicine to cure some diseases. There is actually a long story about this oldest way of medication. But for more clear, there is a brief history of herbal medicine for you to know. It gives you the important points of anything about herbal medicine. Get yourself understand more about a brief history of herbal medicine below to add your knowledge.

Spread to All Over the World

If you think that China is the only country which uses herbal remedy, you should look at the history of herbal medicine references. It actually spreads to all over the world, from east to west. But there is a discovery says that the first written herbal medicine is in China 2800 before century. According to the Herbs for everyone, there are some ancients civilizations  such as Egyptian,Greek, Indian, Mesopotamian, and Roman which also use herbal medicine. More than that, the development of herbal medicine also happened in the Europe like UK. There is a long history of herbal medicine in England. In short, the deployment of Black Death disease causes the use of this herbal medicine. According to the innovation from herbalists, it makes herbal medicine becomes increasing from time to time.

The Use of Herbal Medicine Nowadays

After understanding the history of herbal medicine from its development, then it comes to the discussion about its using nowadays. The sophisticated technology bring out many innovations of herbal medicine. It is no longer has the form of plants, but packed in tablet or capsule. History of herbal medicine notes that the medication cures right on target. That is why it still needed until now in fighting and healing ailments. There are many medical people who start to use this traditional way. The existence of herbal medicine books nowadays also becomes a new history of herbal medicine that you should know.