Take Control of Your Inflammation

Any type of injury or chronic health condition that causes chronic inflammation can be really painful and debilitating. However, there are a lot of things that you can do to reduce pain associated with inflammation. Here are some tips on keeping irritated and swollen joints and soft tissue down to a more manageable level.

Work With a Specialist

A pain management specialist can help you identify new ways to treat inflammation. Braces, medications, and injection therapy can make a big difference in your pain levels. If you need help from a pain doctor Orange Park FL, reach out to a provider who can offer you a variety of treatment options.

Limit Hydrogenated Seed Oils in Your Diet

Studies indicate that highly processed seed oils can significantly worsen inflammation and negatively affect a lot of your body’s cellular activity. Avoid processed foods that have seed oils listed as one of the first ingredients, and use a healthier cooking oil such as extra virgin olive oil.

Eat Lean White Meats

Red meat is another staple in most people’s diet that can worsen inflammation. Try to choose lean sources of protein such as chicken or plant-based meat substitutes instead of burgers or steaks.

Don’t Stay Put

Sometimes when you’re feeling sore, your first instinct may be to simply move as little as possible. IN reality, you need a moderate amount of activity to avoid stiffness and prevent getting severe inflammation from basic movements.

Use a Topical Treatment

A topical cream or patch can give you significant relief from pain caused by inflammation. Topical treatments can help tensed muscles relax and desensitize pain signals. Look for a product that has lidocaine for a soothing and numbing effect.

Taking the same anti-inflammatory day after day can have negative health consequences, and they can lose their efficacy after time. Explore some new ways that you can improve inflammation so that you can experience less pain.