Keep Your Home’s Air Clean and Healthy

Small particles in your home’s air may be a more serious problem than you think. Dust, mold, and other allergens can accumulate in several places throughout your home and significantly compromise air quality. Here are some important things that every homeowner should consider doing to promote a clean and comfortable home environment.

Clean Your Air Vents

Over time, air vents can accumulate a lot of buildup and dust, potentially circulating unclean air throughout your home. Go online for the Best Vent Cleaning Near Me Jacksonville FL to get professional help removing dust and debris from your air vents.

Have Your Evaporator Coils Professionally Cleaned

While filters are very effective at protecting your air handler, they’re certainly not 100% effective. Gradually, dust and debris will coat your air handler’s evaporator coil. Your system will struggle to perform as well as it should, and it may become wet with condensation. This can create mold, and your HVAC system may spread mold throughout every room in your home. Getting professional help to clean your evaporator coils once per year will help your system to operate at its best while also protecting the air quality in your home.

Change HVAC Filters Regularly

Air filters will trap all sorts of buildup over time. They’re designed to pull particles such as dander and lint out of the air before they can clog up your air handler, and clean filters will capture most of the larger particles in the air. Dirty filters can cause obstructions in air handlers, and they’ll also make it more difficult for air to pass through a system. It’s generally a good idea to replace your filter every month.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of clean air simply because you can’t necessarily see when air needs to be cleaner. Nevertheless, maintaining the quality of the air in your home’s air should be one of your highest priorities as a homeowner.