3 Renewable Energy Sources

From the moment humans discovered the ability to control fire, people have sought out cheaper, safer and more efficient energy sources. Over time, coal, oil and natural gas dominated the industry. Nowadays, there are many other options available for companies and individuals that need to harness power.

1. Solar

A popular choice for homeowners, a solar panel system New Jersey can be a great way to power a home without depending on the grid. While there is an initial installation cost, there are federal, state and local programs that offer incentives in the form of tax credits or rebates. With enough panels and sun exposure, homeowners can reduce or even eliminate the need for outside power sources, leading to a drastic reduction in energy costs.

2. Hydropower

Water is incredibly powerful, and it can be a great source of renewable energy if properly utilized. Building dams to control the flow of water can produce a reliable, steady flow of energy. Equipment can also be installed to harness the power of waves or tides. Because of the abundance of water in the world, there is potential for this technology to become a main source of power for communities in the future.

3. Wind

Any region that experiences regular airflow can benefit from the installation of wind turbines. Wind farms can be any size and are not a source of pollution. Because they are large, some communities object to them because residents believe they are unsightly and create noise. However, in areas that do have them, the residents can enjoy the benefits of job creation, as workers are needed to install and maintain the turbines.

As the worldwide population increases, so do its demands for power. While fossil fuels may meet many of the current needs, those sources will eventually run out. Developing and implementing alternative energy sources before that happens is an excellent way to minimize the disruption to people’s everyday lives in the future.