How To Make a Home Safe for Seniors

It is often said that home is where the heart is, but for children of aging and elderly parents, it’s also the place that represents the greatest risk. Slipping in the bathroom, tumbling down the stairs and tripping on rugs are just some of the reasons why 55% of injuries related to falls among older individuals happen in the home. Despite the numbers, many citizens still prefer to age in place. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to increase your elderly parent’s everyday safety. Here are two of the most important home hacks.

Focus on the Bathroom

The majority of falls happen in the home, and most of those falls occur in the bathroom. The bathtub is an especially dangerous area, so install a walk-in model when possible, and make sure there are plenty of rubber traction mats in the tub. Grab bars also should be features in both the shower and toilet areas.

If space permits, add a chair by the sink or shower. Doing so will let dad or mom sit down in case feelings of fatigue or dizziness are experienced after standing for long periods. Every little bit helps when it comes to preventing falls that could cause serious injury or result in the need for securing adult care services Massachusetts or in your area.

Eliminate Fall Hazards

Many potential falls can be prevented by making simple changes around the home. Avoid having electrical cords stretched across the floor and replace blinds if the cord extends onto the ground. Throw rugs are responsible for many slips and falls, so toss them out or affix them to the floor. Make sure handrails are secure, especially on the stairs, which also should be covered in anti-slip treads. Arrange for wide open walking paths throughout the home and remove any unnecessary furniture.

Keeping elderly parents safe at home can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. You never know when a loved one could have a fall, but these tips will help to reduce the risk.