5 Services Home Health Aides Provide for Your Loved Ones

Caring for older loved ones is an immense undertaking. With so many families geographically scattered or busy with work and their own young families, that care often falls to just one or two individuals. If you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by the care of a loved one, hiring a senior home health aide Floral Park NY can help in five important ways.

Preparing Meals

Senior home health aides will prepare meals for your loved ones. This can be especially helpful for patients who are unable to complete the task due to disability. In addition, patients with dementia may forget to eat regularly or pose a danger to themselves or others when using the stove or other appliances.

Dispensing Medication

Although they are not nurses, home health aides can assist with dispensing medications at appropriate times. Often, the families can prepare the medications in advance, but the aide will make sure they’re taken in a proper and timely manner.

Assisting With Housekeeping

Light housekeeping such as tidying up or washing clothes are part of the services offered. This frees families up for spending quality time with their loved ones rather than performing endless chores on their behalf.

Assisting With Bathing

Bathing is a dangerous task for many elderly and disabled individuals. Home health aides can assist in the process, protecting patients from injury while also providing necessary hygiene to loved ones unable to do so themselves.

Transporting to Appointments

Elderly people often have complicated medical needs that require frequent appointments. Home health aides can provide transportation and companionship during these appointments. They can also write down instructions or other information that families need which would otherwise be forgotten by loved ones who have memory or cognitive impairments.

Caring for an elderly loved one at home is rewarding, but it comes with more work than many family members are able to provide. Hiring a home health aide is a great way to keep loved ones at home and safe while you take care of your other responsibilities.